Teachers of Annie Hayes Wellness

It is impossible to do this work alone. A huge, heartfelt thank you to the teachers below that aide

Annie Hayes Wellness in bringing affordable yoga and wellness to our communities.


Joe Popham

About: Joe grew up in Duluth, MN and studied at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He has lived in the metro area ever since, except two summers - one each in Costa Rica and France.

He practices and guides yoga to promote inner peace and loving community through the realization of our truest, deepest Self(s). He seeks to understand each student’s unique needs and goals, in order to best serve them as individuals, and as a community.

Teaching Style: Joe's teaching style involves break-down and flow through fundamental power vinyasa postures, linking breath to movement at a moderate, intuitive pace. Intentionally guided to explore full body and mind.

Advice to New Yogis/Yoginis: Everything you need, you already have. You are welcome and valued here - please come share your light! Breathe and smile!

Favorite Asana (pose): Samasthiti and supta baddha konasana have both been mainstays for a while now.

Least Favorite Asana (pose): Not doing yoga? :) On the mat helps translate off. I’m genuinely having trouble with this one...  I struggle with but appreciate both Chair (uttkatasana) and relaxed Runner’s Lunge.

Favorite Beer: Coffee lager won my heart last year.

Favorite Food: Anything cooked together with friends.


Cassie Kuglin

About: Cassie grew up in NE Minneapolis, studied at MSU, Mankato, spent five years on and off abroad in Spanish speaking countries either learning, teaching, volunteering or all of the above. Currently, she resides across the river in Saint Paul.

Cassie teaches a number of group fitness classes across the metro to corporate employees and community residents and with intention of leaving each student feeling empowered and connected to their own bodies. If she isn't teaching, she's participating in classes or workshops as a forever learner or cooking in her kitchen or hanging out with her family in the pool all summer long. If you can't find her, she's probably in a foreign land hablando en espanol.

Teaching Style: Cassie begins each class allowing participants to settle into their own bodies and breath, followed by a solid warm up and vinyasa style flow.

Advice to New Yogis/Yoginis: Welcome! Be positive and be patient, everything you need you already have. Find your breath, return to your breath, inhale, exhale and relax.

Favorite Asana (pose): Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2) and Kapotasana (Pigeon)

Least Favorite Asana (pose): Every pose is a journey and Standing Splits has been a fun one.

Favorite Beer: Depends on the weather. Crisp, light lagers, IPAs with a bite or porter with peanut butter or coconut


Lauren Kvasnicka

About: Lauren grew up in Rochester, MN. She studied Nutrition and Peace Studies at The College of St. Benedict and St. John's University and earned her Masters of Public Health from the University of Minnesota in Community Health Promotion. Lauren has live in Minneapolis since 2011-currently residing in NE.

Lauren works in senior wellness as an Aging-In-Place Program Coordinator for a local nonprofit in Hennepin County. She also instructs senior fitness classes, Spinning, and other forms of group fitness. In her free time, Lauren enjoys supporting local music, walks through the neighborhood, and cribbage!

Teaching Style: Lauren believes that breath is the most valuable tool to connect mind and body so expect one or two breathing exercises in her class. She wants students to discover poses and shapes relative to their own bodies and does so by providing lots of options and modifications.

Advice to New Yogis/Yoginis: Have an open mind and focus on yourself. Find gratitude for the mind, body, and spirit you have by showing up and being present.

Favorite Asana (pose): Prasarita Padottanasana (wide leg forward fold) is my go to for tight hamstrings and gentle hip release and Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) because there is always something to refine and refresh in down dog!

Least Favorite Asana (pose): No such thing!

Favorite Beer: Changes with the seasons and my mood but a juicy IPA always brings a smile to my face :).

Favorite Food: PICKLES!

MacKenzie Dornbier

About: MacKenzie was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She went to college in Nebraska where she received a golf scholarship.

MacKenzie has lived in Plymouth, Minnesota for the last 4 years and spends her time teaching yoga, practicing and spending time outside with her three dogs.

Teaching Style: MacKenzies teaching style includes a short warm up with a faster paced vinyasa flow. MacKenzie loves to teach a class where she can see students linking their breath to movement and really understanding the postures and what works for everyone’s body.

Advice to New Yogis: Come to class and leave all expectations at the door. Once you step through those doors you’re family!

Favorite Asana: Eagle sit ups! I love how intricate they can be and you can feel every muscle in your body engaged throughout.

Least favorite Asana: I welcome all poses into my practice.

Favorite beer: Anything dark, creamy and malty.

Favorite food: Anything with sugar! Especially licorice